Kathleen’s Classroom

Exceptional learning for exceptional students.


Parents Rave About Kathleen’s Classroom

“We are so lucky to get to know Kathleen — she guides my son and daughter through the world of books and the world of real life.  She is a guide, a coach, as well as friend to my kids — she recommends and discusses books with them, helps them understand what happened inside and outside of the books, helps them write and express their own feelings, and more importantly, helps them understand what happens in real life and how it relates to the books that they read or the essays they write.  She loves books herself and has been transmitting that love and passion to the kids that she teaches.  My kids love Kathleen for her knowledge, passion and sense of humor.  Kathleen is a passionate educator who truly cares about her students.  We are very fortunate to have her as tutor, guide and friend.”

Happy Parent
– Mother of two of Kathleen’s students

“Hannah has studied with Kathleen for the last 15 months. She loves the books Kathleen recommends and she has begun to think more deeply guided by Kathleen.  When Kathleen shares her life story and those stories about teenagers in USA, Hannah knows more about what to expect. In the meanwhile, she learns to how to express herself and present herself from Kathleen.  As a result, she has become much more confident.”

Hannah’s Parent

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