Writing Courses

AP English Prep

This course is designed to improve student skills in literary analysis and writing so they they will be prepared for AP English. Students will study and practice different forms of composition and learn and practice revision. Students will conduct original research and write papers based on their research. We will do all of our work using Colin Whitehead’s Underground Railroad, which won the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. I will help students who write exceptional essays and poems submit their work to national contests. This year one of my students won the National Scholastic poetry contest.

Fantasy Writing 101

Most of my students love reading fantasy books (particularly the dystopian and horror genres). This course is designed to give students an opportunity to develop their own fantasy projects. We will study how authors like J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), Susan Collins (Hunger Games) and Neil Shusterman (Scythe novels) build a foundation for their writing. We will look at world building, creating characters, crafting a villain, writing dialog, developing a plot and finding an ending. Students will read and analyze the masters and submit examples of their own writing for critique by the class. Do you have a novel growing inside you? This course will give you the chance to really begin your work and learn writing techniques that will help with your school assignments and college admissions. Students will be encouraged to submit their writing to journals and writing contests.

Mastering The Personal Essay

Outstanding personal essays are at the heart of the admission’s process. This course will analyze application essays that were successful at gaining the student authors admissions to Harvard. Students will read and analyze essays and use successful techniques in their own original work. The goal of this course will be to give students a handful of essays that they may be able to use and adapt in upcoming admission applications.