Grateful Parents And Exceptional Students

“I enjoyed a lot in your writing and reading classes. The books you recommend are always interesting and inspiring. Some of them introduced me to a new culture and let me have an idea about the student experience at a school in a country far away from mine.”

Inquisitive Student
– Age 12

“Working with Kathleen makes my writing more confident. I also stop using some unnecessary transactional words in my essays. She is also very flexible with time.”

Confident Student
– Age 13

“I have personally experienced Ms. Gilroy’s lessons for more than a year, a lesson per week. The lesson will surround a book the students had chosen. Usually the lesson arranges as the following: a short warm-up chat; edits of homework of last week; read aloud of paragraphs of the book; discussion about plot, character and settings; a brief closing and assigns of homework. The length of the lesson is about half an hour, very suitable for students after school. The schedule is also flexible and easy to change. The tool we use to have lesson is usually skype, having zoom as an alternative, which works for every student. The major purpose of the lesson is the writing skills. I had a huge improvement of my writing skill after I took the lessons. My grade of English improved from B to A. The lesson wasn’t boring and frustrating due to Ms. Gilroy’s attitude and ability to open-up and keep conversations going. The lesson is also interactive between tutor and students, which steadily kept up the efficiency and effectiveness of the lesson. Although the lesson is only half an hour, we can still learn lots from it.“

Improving Student

“We are so lucky to get to know Kathleen — she guides my son and daughter through the world of books and the world of real life.  She is a guide, a coach, as well as friend to my kids — she recommends and discusses books with them, helps them understand what happened inside and outside of the books, helps them write and express their own feelings, and more importantly, helps them understand what happens in real life and how it relates to the books that they read or the essays they write.  She loves books herself and has been transmitting that love and passion to the kids that she teaches.  My kids love Kathleen for her knowledge, passion and sense of humor.  Kathleen is a passionate educator who truly cares about her students.  We are very fortunate to have her as tutor, guide and friend.”

Happy Parent
– Mother of two of Kathleen’s students

“Hannah has studied with Kathleen for the last 15 months. She loves the books Kathleen recommends and she has begun to think more deeply guided by Kathleen.  When Kathleen shares her life story and those stories about teenagers in USA, Hannah knows more about what to expect when she attends boarding school. In the meanwhile, she has learned to how to express herself and present herself from Kathleen.  As a result, she has become much more confident.”

Hannah’s Parent

“Eager to start my college journey, I decided to start working on my college application in the summer of my junior year. Coming from a disadvantaged background not speaking English, I had no one who could guide me in this process of writing college essays and prioritizing my college choices. I met Kathleen through one of my colleagues. By meeting with her just once a week for a few months, I was able to make quick progress in writing my essays. In addition to just writing essays, she was supporting me emotionally in this complicated process. By constantly proofreading my essays, I also improved my essay writing skills and grammar. We completed my college applications together and all that was left was waiting for the college decisions. While waiting for college decisions she also helped me to write essays for the college scholarships. Months later I found out that I was admitted to my first choice school which is Northeastern University with a full scholarship. It would be nearly impossible for me to clearly convey my life story in my college essays without her and subsequently getting into Northeastern. Because of her I will be able to pursue my interest in computer science at my first choice college with full scholarship.”

Pro Bono College Applicant